Washburn High School
Class of 1959

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Classmate   Bob Sampson
Classmate   James Sarp
Classmate   Dave Sauer
Classmate   Denise Schacht
Classmate   Don Schaefer
Classmate   Clayton Schirmer
Classmate   Al Schlesinger
Classmate   Carolyn Schmidt
Classmate   Karen Schneider
Classmate   Linda Schoettle
Classmate   Dorthy Schow
Classmate   Joanna Schutz
Classmate   Carolyn Schwandt
Classmate   George Seltz
Classmate   Peter Severud
Classmate   Sue Shapiro
Classmate   Henry Shaw
Classmate   Paul Shervey
Classmate   Sue Sickler
Classmate   Gayle Siegel
Classmate   Mary Lou Sieger
Classmate   Gary Simons
Classmate   Larry Sirvio
Classmate   Sue Slater
Classmate   Judith Ann Smith
Classmate   John Sneider
Classmate   Dave Snell
Classmate   Mary Solem
Classmate   John Solstad
Classmate   Carol Sorensen
Classmate   Toni Spain
Classmate   Jim Spinner
Classmate   Doug Sprague
Classmate   Meredyth Stark
Classmate   Robert Stark
Classmate   Bill Stenquist
Classmate   Jim Stephan
Classmate   Toni Stoll
Classmate   Kathy Stone
Classmate   Darold Strand
Classmate   Suzanne Strong
Classmate   Jan Stuurmans
Classmate   Rolf Svendsen
Classmate   Bruce Swanson
Classmate   Carl Swanson
Classmate   Charles Swanson
Classmate   Dennis Swenson


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