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Reunion 60

"Time of Remembrance"

Greetings friends of many decades, actually several score!

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WHS '59 - 60th Class Reunion
June 20 through June 22, 2019

The Following letter was sent to us by Karmen Krebs our exchange student from Brazil.

Dear WHS59 Classmates,

Even being so far for so many years, I’ve always kept Minneapolis in my thoughts, constantly following the news coming from the city where I felt so well received sixty one years ago. I remember your winters, of course (40 below, how could one forget THAT), but I have mostly kept the warmth of friendships and family ties. The Kvalstens, my American family, were certainly a lesson on how to bring and keep countries together. Remember the day when meeting people from foreign countries was an amazing discovery? Well, that’s how I remember Minneapolis.

Washburn was such an important part of that year – classmates were nice and friendly, as we shared some unforgettable teachers, like Dunn, Claeson and Krause, for example. Yes, I know there was that guillotine on that table, but let’s keep just the good memories…

Well, we did not save the world, but in our own way we certainly tried, didn’t we? I believe we all did our best, and I hope we’ve all planted in our children the wish for a better Universe.

Carmen Krebs
When you get together to celebrate our 60th, Pedro and I send our best wishes for an unforgettable Reunion. Bless you all!


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To all those of you who attended the 60th Reunion, I hope it was as pleasant, memorable, and fun as we all hoped it would be.

You know, several people at the ‘open mic’ at the Saturday dinner, spoke of the uniqueness of our class in gathering as frequently, and in such numbers, as we do at these class reunions. And maybe the Washburn Class of 59 is unique. But none of our class reunions would have happened without the ongoing hard work of a few dedicated class members who plan and put these gatherings together. (and I’m not speaking of myself here – I just show up and play the piano !)

So, heartfelt gratitude and thanks to the Reunion Committee and their attendant workers for making our 60th a big success !

As I mentioned at that ‘open mic’ segment after dinner on Saturday night, if there are classmates (in or out of state) who are not on this coffee list but would like to be included for ongoing missives and announcements (not all of them funereal ), please send me their email addresses and I’ll include them on my list.

Thanks – and best wishes to you all     Bill Wangensteen

Your faithful local WHS'59 graduates prepared a terrific lineup for our 60th Reunion.

The Reunion committee really appreciates everyone who contributes to the success of reunion 60.

We need all the photos of the Reunion that will be available.
For information on how and where to send your photos
after to 60th Reunion Party is over
Click Here.

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WHS Class of 1959 Reunion Committee

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