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Class of 1959

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"Time of Remembrance"

WHS '59 - 60th Class Reunion
June 20 through June 23 2019

The sixtieth anniversary of our high school graduation is getting closer and closer. Your reunion committee is making plans for what may be our last multiple-day five-year gathering. The theme for our 60th is "Time of Remembrance". If you have never been to a reunion or have missed the last several of our gatherings, mark your calendar for June 20, through June 23, 2019.

We intend to follow the successful format of the fabulous fiftieth and fifty-fifth events:

The Lyceum programs have been of great interest, consisting of high quality presentations on a variety of topics. We have already lined up Howard Thorsheim, who will reprise his fascinating brain research lecture; we expect another round of "Travels with Nancy Langer"; Roger Anderson will talk on "a political scientist runs for Congress". And what else? This is your opportunity to present, share your experiences, read your poetry, show your watercolors or photographs.

In any case, we need to hear from you regarding this reunion. Send us your ideas and recommendations. Fill out the information sheet that was sent to you or email us for a copy of the information sheet. Don't forget your 2018 class dues, still only $25.00.

The Reunion Committee for the future will be Nancy Hallman Pinzka, Chair; Lorna Plowman Best, Correspondence; George Christoferson, Treasurer, and the following committee members: Jenneane Kunitz Anderson, Dick Bergman, Bonnie Nordstrom Frane, Peter Landmark, Mary Mammen, Paul Neuville, Larry Rennerfeldt, Jim Rummel, Jim Rustad, Rolf Svendsen, Kay Thomas, Bill Wangensteen.

The Reunion committee really appreciates everyone who will contribute to the success of reunion 60.

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WHS Class of 1959 Reunion Committee

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