Washburn High School
Class of 1959


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MAN OF THE YEAR -- A.E. MacQuarrie Washburn's first Principal

A.E. MacQuarrie's life was Washburn and he was Washburn's first principal. He wanted Washburn to be a pioneer school, to do things that other schools would be doing in ten years. In many ways, as the first principal, A. E. MacQuarrie, was more Mr. Washburn than C. C. Washburn. He set the highest standards for the students. He was also legendary in his effort to have a well-run school and was very careful with school finances.

The first graduating class was 1928. Until 1929, Washburn served both senior and junior high School students.

The Washburn Orphange was torn down in1929 and a school was built on the site. At first, the School Board intended to make the new school a senior high named Washburn and to use the building which already existed as the junior high; the students at Washburn lobbied the School Board. The Board reversed their decision and the original Washburn remained the senior high; the name of Washburn was also retained as the name of the high school.

This is a copy of the 1945 Wahain with Mr. MacQuarrie on the simulated Time Magazine Cover.

This copy was provided to us by Robert W. Blackmur.

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