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Cheers The 50th reunion of the Class of  ’59 required the concerted efforts of scores or classmates, led by our core committee of hard-working and dedicated Cake-Eaters. Planning and preparations were on-going for the previous five years.

Work was organized into subcommittees including Program Finance, Fund Raising, Decorations & Set Up, Mailings, Faculty Hosting, Grade School Groups, Golf Event, and Book Preparation.

Classmates serving on the main committee include Bill Allard, Nancy Hallman Pinzka, Krissie Hanson Allard, Gary Johnson, Jenneane Kunitz Anderson, Jeanette Lash, Jeanne Lawrence, Denny Maetzold, Larry Mammen, Paul Martinson, Paul Neuville, Sandy Pagel Olson, Lorna Plowman Best, Larrie Rennerfeldt, Jim Rustad, Clayt Schirmer, Sue Strong, Rolf Svendsen, Kay Thomas, Nancy Thomas Hall, and Sue Woldum.

Assembly “We tried to involve as many of the class as possible,” said Sandy Pagel Olson. “Our goal was to create a fun, memorable event where everyone will feel welcome and comfortable.”

Larry Mammen said the committee really appreciated all who helped. “I can't begin to name all those in the class who contributed to the success of this reunion. The number of classmates attending reflected their efforts, and I know we all had a great time.”

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WHS Class of 1959

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