Washburn High School
Class of 1959

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Classmate   Steve Radjenovich
Classmate   John Radtke
Classmate   John Raetz
Classmate   Fred Raiche
Classmate   Luanne Rathman
Classmate   Allen Ravine
Classmate   Sharon Reardon
Classmate   Bruce Reed
Classmate   Bette Rengstorff
Classmate   Larrie Rennerfeldt
Classmate   Dave Reynolds
Classmate   Sharon Rice
Classmate   Barb Rietzke
Classmate   Judi Rinaldi
Classmate   Janet Rork
Classmate   Marilyn Rose
Classmate   Karen Rossman
Classmate   Jerry Roy
Classmate   Jim Rummel
Classmate   Bob Russell
Classmate   Jim Rustad


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