Washburn High School
Class of 1959

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Classmate   Jerry Haley
Classmate   Carol Halladay
Classmate   Nancy Hallman
Classmate   John Halpern
Classmate   Judi Halvorsen
Classmate   Dave Hansen
Classmate   Carrie Hanson
Classmate   Eileen Hanson
Classmate   Kristine Hanson
Classmate   Patricia Hanson
Classmate   Doug Harrison
Classmate   John Hass
Classmate   Eva Heinrich
Classmate   Marlis Heiser
Classmate   Elizabeth Heitkamp
Classmate   Barbara Heney
Classmate   Doug Hennings
Classmate   Wayne Hermanson
Classmate   David Hill
Classmate   Jon Hirschoff
Classmate   Tom Hoag
Classmate   Judy Holden
Classmate   Karen Holmquist
Classmate   Michael Holter
Classmate   Pat Homeyer
Classmate   John Horn
Classmate   Susan Howdeshell
Classmate   Richard Hurlburt
Classmate   Warren Huss


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