Washburn High School
Class of 1959

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Classmate   Betty Campion
Classmate   Michael Campion
Classmate   Gracy Carlson
Classmate   John Carlson
Classmate   Lee Carlson
Classmate   Naomi Carlson
Classmate   Ron Carlson
Classmate   Terry Carlstrom
Classmate   Elaine Carrier
Classmate   Bo Casserberg
Classmate   Jerry Cast
Classmate   Stuart Chant
Classmate   Jerry Chapman
Classmate   Fred Cheeseman
Classmate   Judy Childs
Classmate   Jean Christianson
Classmate   George Christoferson
Classmate   Jim Clancy
Classmate   Jeanette Clark
Classmate   Harry Clarkson
Classmate   Roger Class
Classmate   Dick Clayton
Classmate   Polly Cochran
Classmate   Pat Coffman
Classmate   Shirley Cogger
Classmate   Allen Cohen
Classmate   Carole Cohen
Classmate   Carole Cole
Classmate   Kathi Copsey
Classmate   Karen Corder
Classmate   Judy Corlett
Classmate   Carol Cote
Classmate   Marge Cotton
Classmate   Jim Cowgill
Classmate   Bob Crouch
Classmate   John Crouch
Classmate   Jon Curwen
Classmate   Larry Cutlan


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